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Philadelphia Glass Company

Posted on 30 May, 2015 at 10:08
What type of broken window do you have?

Here at Atlas Glass Company in Philadelphia, we get anywhere from ten to thirty customer phone calls each day. Usually, the first question is "How much will it cost to fix my broken window?" 

Years ago, before the advent of smart phones and Google Earth, trying to give someone a realistic estimate over the phone was essentially an exercise in futility, or worse yet, a flat out fool's errand. There were simple too many variables that came into play. However, using today's technolodgy, it is now possible to give someone over the phone a realistic estimate for the cost to repair a specific window.

First of all, and most importantly, take a cell phone picture of the broken glass in question. In fact, take several of them. Be sure to give us a nice wide view, which can give us some perspective of size and design of the window. Too often a customer will send us pictures that are extreme close ups of the broken glass. This, we assure you, is a waste of time and resources, for we are well aware what broken glass looks like. As a point of reference, stand at least ten feet away from the glass. If it is a commercial window, than take a picture of the whole storefront. For residential windows try to get the whole wall in the photograph.

Once you have taken your pictures, you can send them directly to our main phone line - 215-432-8487. You can also email them to us at [email protected] It is typically faster and easier if you send them to our phone number.

When we receive the photographs of your broken window(s), we will then ask you some specific question about it. Questions along the line of "It is a single or double pane window? Is it an operating (movable) window or non-operating (fixed)? Is it on the first floor or second? Is the glass clear or tinted?"

Our representatives  are professionals and know the right questions to ask. Through this information exchange we can usually give our customers a very realistic estimate to the age old question in the glass company business, "How much will it cost to fix my broken window?"

Philadelphia Glass Company - Atlas Glass Repair Company 215-432-8487 A family owned and operated Philadelphia Glass Company 2000 Hamilton Street, Philadelphia Pa 19130

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