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Why Does it Cost So Much To Have A Small Window Repaired? - Philadelphia Glass Company

Posted on 3 June, 2015 at 7:30
Atlas Glass Company in Philadelphia Pa 215-432-8487
A family-owned and operated Philadelphia Glass Company
2000 Hamilton Street, Philadelphia, PA 19130

We get a lot of calls in the Old City and Society Hill sections of Philadelphia for what is known in the glass repair business as "hackout" windows. These are simply the older style (60-100+ years) wood frame windows where the glass is held in (glazed) with glazing putty. This type of window is the scourge of all glass companies, as they are disproportionately time and labor intensive. The price to repair them is set accordingly, typically between two-hundred and four-hundred dollars per window depending on how much work has to be performed. 

Many times customers are shocked to find out that a six inch by eight inch window glass cost two hundred dollars to repair. Why so much? Well, because of that very fact that they are so very labor intensive and time consuming. That six inch by eight inch window can easily take any where from an hour and a half to two and half hours. 

The technology for repairing this type of window has not changed in two hundred years. And it ain't complicated. Basically you have to hammer and chisel out the existing putty (which can be as hard as cement), being extremely careful not to break the window next to it, an easy task by no means as it is usually less then a half inch away from where you are swinging the hammer. Added to this is the fact that the window is usually (preferably) done "in place," making for awkward angles for hammering and chiseling. Once the opening has been entirely chiseled out and thoroughly cleaned, you install the new glass and glazing points, then glaze the window in place with new glazing putty, which, depending on the temperature, can be very difficult to work with.

Putty set windows on upper floors are even more expensive because they typically can not be done "in place" and have to be completely removed. This involves removing the interior wood trim which holds the window sash in place, then disconnecting and securing the counter weights, and finally removing then entire window sash. Then the window can be placed on a work table and repaired. The entire process is then repeated to re-install the window sash.

Because this type of job is so labor intensive, many glass companies in Philadelphia won't even do them.  But Atlas Glass company does them and we are here to serve all your residential and commercial glass repair needs.

Atlas Glass Repair Company in Philadelphia
A family owned and operated Philadelphia Glass Company
2000 Hamilton Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 19130

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