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Window & Glass Repair Philadelphia Metro Area - Altas Glass Co.

Posted on 4 November, 2012 at 11:51
From time to time we publish a log of one of our Friday or Saturday night late-night emergency service shifts. Our guys typically have to work at least one overnight weekend shift per month (this includes the boss, too). A typical Friday or Saturday night shift runs from 6pm to 6am and you never know whether you'll work through the entire night or nary a single call will come in. This is one such emergency service log...
6pm - 9pm: Nothing. Perfect silence. What a great job this is...
9:05pm - An older woman in South Philadelphia called with a broken house window. After a few questions about the window itself, I was fairly certain it was a double-pane window with only one pane broken. Broken windows such as this have to be ordered from our manufacturer and don't need to be boarded. An appointment was set up for the next day at noon and entered into the appointment log book.
9:15pm -  A caller asked if we did 24 hour emergency auto glass repairs. I informed him that we don't do auto glass repair at all and recommended a company he could call the next day.
9:15 - 11:30pm - Nada. Nothing. Zippo...
11:35pm - A dunkin' Donuts in Northeat Philadelphia  called with a broken window. Coffee cup in hand I jumped into the glass truck and hit the road.
12:00pm - Arrived at the DD. It was a fairly large commercial double pane window with both panes broken out (someone had thown a brick though it). After measuring it and giving the owner a price, I cleaned out all the broken glass and did a double-sided compression board-up. The glass was tempered safety glass and had made a mess. Good thing we carry professional grade shop-vacs. Good thing they sell good coffee, too.
1:45am - Left DD and headed home. Was about halfway there when the phone rang with another job. A business owner in center city Philadelphia had a commercial door glass repair. 
2:15am  - Pulled up in front of the store on Chestnut Street (At least you can park in center city at  2am). Fortunately it was a standard-size commercial door (31 3/8 x 76 11/16). We always stock them and carry at least one in the truck. Cleaned up the mess, put the new glass in and was done by quarter after three and headed home, hoping that was it for the night. Fortunately, it was...
:Call Atlas Glass Company Philadelphia for window and glass repair in Philadelphia Metro Area
Atlas Glass Repair Philadelphia - A Philadelphia Glass Company
2000 Hamilton Street, Philadelphia Pa 19130
Call Atlas Glass Repair Company for any kind of window & glass repair for home or business.

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