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Glass Company In Philadelphia Pa

Posted on 8 December, 2016 at 6:34 Comments comments (0)

We know it’s vital for your business to have an attractive storefront in order to make a good first impression with potential customers. So if you’re building a new storefront or are in need of repairs to your existing commercial storefront glass we have the solutions to resolve any commercial glass and metal problems. Over the years we have earned an exceptional reputation in Philadelphia for our capacity to deliver quality products and professional installations at a competitive price. Our glaziers can provide you with superior products for any size application. We offer the most innovative product lines from manufacturers such as U.S. Aluminum, Vista Wall, and Kawneer.  Whether it’s new construction, a retro-fit, or repairs Atlas Glass Company in Philadelphia Pa is your expert in storefront glass and glazing.

Over the years, we have had the pleasure of working with thousands of residential and business customers assisting them with everything from double hung window repair to floor-to-ceiling glass openings to commercial entry doors.

If you’re in need of repairs to your storefront doors or glass speak with a representative at Atlas Glass Company in Philadelphia Pa today. We not only fabricate new storefronts but we also service commercial doors, pivots, closures, tempered glass, security glass, glass shelving and of course broken door glass.  We carry a large inventory of standard tempered door glass sizes in grey, bronze, and clear for immediate replacement of your broken door glass. In addition, we also carry laminated safety glass for custom doors. So whether you need a replacement door closure or glass repair in your commercial storefront you’ve come to the right place.

Don’t forget about our 24 hour emergency glass repair service for those unfortunate events. In most cases we are able to complete the glass replacement upon our first arrival, however if a custom glass unit must be manufactured we can board up the window or door temporarily while your custom glass unit is manufactured.

Broken window? Atlas Glass Company in Philadelphia Pa specializes in single and double-pane replacement glass. Let a local glass company in Philadelphia Pa repair your broken window glass today. Schedule one of our capable technicians to replace that dangerous broken glass in your window quickly. We are committed to employing only the most knowledgeable and capable glass installers to work on your home. Spare the costly expense of having a window company remove and replace your entire window unit when you can have the glaziers at Atlas Glass Company in Philadelphia Pa replace only the glass if it’s broken, cracked, or foggy. Speak with one of our knowledgeable sales associates for a glass replacement quote today!

We stock a wide-variety of plate, tempered, and laminated glass sizes to fit your home’s window and door glass needs. Ask about our assortment of glass textures and patterns for your bathrooms windows and doors. We have a large inventory of standard size tempered door glasses in single and double-pane for common doors. We also fabricate both single and double-pane glass to custom fit any window or door and in most cases we can complete the job same day. Our courteous team of sales associates can help to give you a quote over the phone by answering a few simple questions. If you have a written quote from another glass company simply fax or email the price quote and we can virtually guarantee to beat our competitor’s price on your home window glass repair.

We offer our customers a wide range of glass-related services to include tub and shower enclosures, replacement glass, board-up services, table tops, and so much more; this is just a small sampling of what we have to offer.

If you’re the do-it-yourself type then simply stop by our glass shop and have one of our glaziers cut a window glass to your exact specifications.  Feel free while your waiting to ask for helpful tips for you window repair project. If you’re doing a weekend project and would like to come to our shop on Saturday or Sunday ask about our flexible weekend schedule.

In the unfortunate event your home is burglarized we offer 24 hour emergency service glass repair were in most cases we can be out to your home to replace your window or door glass within an hour. Let our fast response team of emergency glass replacement installers quickly and safely repair your home glass and restore the security in your home.

Did vandals invade your home or business breaking a window or door glass and now you’re in need of a 24 hour glass repair company to secure your property? Whether it's a burglary, natural disaster, or the result of a child's baseball game, our team of rapid response glaziers is here with solutions to your window and door glass replacement needs 24 hours a day.  

When you call Atlas Glass Company in Philadelphia Pa you won't get an answering service out of Florida or New York, instead you'll get a local sales associate who has superior knowledge of window and door glass repair. We know the security of your home and business is a top priority and that's why we offer a 24 hour glass repair service. Call anytime day or night to have one of our immediate response glass technicians repair your window or door glass.

Over the years, we have had the pleasure of working with thousands of residential and business customers assisting them with everything from shower and tub enclosures to commercial entry doors.

Our glaziers are on call nights and weekends and in most instances can be out to your property within one hour. We have a complete inventory of standard tempered commercial door glass sizes to fit virtually any storefront aluminum door.

Additionally we stock laminated glass for custom size storefront doors. However, some door glass and windows must be custom manufactured and require a few business days to fabricate. In this case we offer a 24 hour board-up service that provides you with security for your property and your mind until your glass can be fabricated and installed. However, if you have a double-pane window and your glass must be manufactured we may be able to install a temporary single pane window in place of plywood. No matter the time, or day, Atlas Glass Company in Philadelphia Pa is the city's most trusted 24 hour glass repair company. 

Atlas Glass Repair Company
2000 Hamilton Street
Philadelphia Pa 19130

Glass Company in Philadelphia

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Atlas Glass Repair Company in Philadelphia 215-432-8487 is a full service glass company in Philadelphia providing mobile service for commercial and residential customers.

Last weeks happenings at Atlas Glass Company in Philadelphia, Pa:

Monday: a glass door repair for an Italian restaurant in Port Richmond; a tricky third floor window glass repair in a condo on Pine Street in Center City Philadelphia; A drop in safety glass counter top for a jewelry store on Market Street in Center City.
Tuesday: A door glass repair on North Broad Street near Einstein Hospital; A home window repair involving a very large double pane insulated glass unit (IGU) in Rhawnhurst up in Great Northeast section of Philadelphia. This was a very difficult job that required the entire glass company to be there. This window was five foot by seven foot, glazed from the exterior, and was five feet in the air. Not to mention being pretty heavy.
Wednesday: a home glass repair on an old wooden frame window on Spruce Street in Society Hill near center city Philadelphia; a residential glass repair on a newer thermalpane window on North Hobart Street in West Philadelphia; a home window glass repair on Federal Street near the Italian Market in South Philadelphia.
Thursday: A plate glass window repair on Walnut Street in the heart of center city Philadelphia. This type of repair can be most challenging during the day with amount of pedestrians in the immediate area. Extreme caution must be taken at all times. Three glaziers actually install the glass while four others are stationed at strategic points for crowd control; a metal framed window repair for a small bed and breakfast on 3rd street in Old City Philadelphia; a commercial door glass repair for a Dunkin Donuts on Frankford Avenue in Northeast Philadelphia.
Friday: The day started early with a 4am emergency board up for a storefront on South Street. The owner was extremely happy that a glass company in Philadelphia actually showed up at that hour. He had called FIVE other companies and had gotten nothing but voicemail. We boarded it up and returned around 9:30am that same morning and installed the new glass; a large picture window repair for an older row home on Catherine Street in the University City section of West Philadelphia.

Atlas Glass Company In Philadelphia Pa
A family owned and operated Philadelphia Glass Company
2000 Hamilton Street, Philadelphia, Pa 19130

Glass Repair - Atlas Glass Repair Philadelphia 215-432-8487

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Atlas Glass Repair Philadelphia (215-432-8487) provides commercial and residential glass repair for Philadelphia Pa and the surrounding metro area. Our skilled technicians can repair any kind of broken window be it in a home or a business. We are a family-owned and operated glass company in Philadelphia. While other glass companies in Philadelphia may be difficult to reach after five pm or on the weekends, Atlas Glass Repair is available around the clock for 24 hour emergency board up service and glass repair. Click on the following link to see some of our recent glass repair customers.


The following are pictures from a recent glass repair we performed on Fairmount Avenue in Philadelphia Pa. This particular glass repair was an older storefront plate glass window with a stress crack in it. Philadelphia is full of older storefronts such as this and they present their own set of peculiar nuances most notably the omnipresent settling of the building over the many decades which invariably results in the window opening being "out of square," sometimes significantly so. This particular window was almost two inches wider at the bottom than it was at the top. Under circumstances such as this it is usually preferable to cut the glass on-site on the glass rack attached to the truck. Fortunately we have more than fifteen years experience in making this type of glass repair. The cut was made and the replacement glass fit perfectly. Like they say, "practice makes perfect." Atlas Glass Repair in Philadelphia has had a lot of practice over the years.

Glass Company In Philadelphia - Glass RepairGlass Company in Philadelphia Pa - Window Glass RepairGlass Companies In Philadelphia - Window Repair

Atlas Glass Repair Company
2000 Hamilton Street, Philadelphia Pa 19130

Glass Company Philadelphia Pa - Atlas Glass Repair Co. 215--432-8487

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Providing Philadelphia with commercial glass repair & home window repair 7 days a week. Call anytime for 24 hour emergency board up service. 215-432-8487


Atlas Glass Repair Company is one of the premier glass companies in Philadelphia Pa. We serve the city and suburbs seven days a week and offer commercial glass repair and home glass repair.

From time to time we detail a typical work week for the Atlas Glass Company:

Monday - The whole crew at Atlas Glass Company worked together on a new aluminum storefront and entranceway for a gym on Roosevelt Boulevard in Northeast Philadelphia. The actual framing the the storefront was pre-built at the shop during the previous weekend. We showed up the job site at 6 am, did the demolition on the existing storefront (it's always fun to break out the sledgehammers on a Monday morning), installed the new frame out, then essentially plugged in the new storefront and glass door. Despite the complexity of the job we were finished entirely by 2pm. The last part of the day was doing a door glass repair in center city Philadelphia on Spring Garden Street by the Philadelphia Muesem Of Art.

Tuesday - We did a plate glass repair for a pizza shop in South Philadelphia not far from the stadiums. This was a fairly large window (eighty-four inches by seventy-two inches) and had to be angled in under a set of roll down security gates, something we see a lot of in the city of Philadelphia. It takes two glaziers to actually lift the plate glass and two more at the top to handle the lean of the glass and guide it under the gates. It's a precision type operation but something we done literally hundreds of times over the years. Other than this job it was fairly slow day as the phones were quiet. Sometimes that can be a good thing.

Wednesday - Today was a strictly residential glass repair day. We replace six fogged double pane windows in a really cool townhouse in Society Hill in downtown Philadelphia. It was one of those contemporaries with literally walls of glass that overlooked the Delaware River. Atlas Glass Company in Philadelphia is almost certainly the leading Philadelphia glass company when it comes to fogged window repair. With a three-man crew the job took about six hours to complete. The owner was very satisfied.

Thursday - A busy day, indeed: We started at 5am with an emergency board-up in center city Philadelphia. This particular commercial window was a large insulated (double-pane) window with both panes broken. Made from a certain type of blue-tinted architectural glass it had to be custom ordered, which we did. The owner of the building had called several glass companies in Philadelphia Pa and Atlas Glass Company was the only one to answer the phone at that hour. Next up was glass door repair that was also in center city Philadelphia. After a short lull in the action the emergency glass service calls started again - An older storefront window glass repair on Frankford Avenue in Northeast Philadelphia. Older commercial storefront windows can be quite an ordeal sometimes and this one did not disappoint. After a three-hour job we headed back the the glass shop. Before we made it back we took a call for the same type of commercial window in Southwest Philadelphia on Elmwood Street. The glass repair was even more difficult and occupied the rest of the day. We finally made it back to the shop at 7pm.

Friday - Rain and high winds made it impossible to do any plate glass repairs so we boarded up one on Broad Street. We did do a glass replacement on a small residential window in South Philadelphia, though. Other than that it was a rather slow day. 

Atlas Glass Company
2000 Hamilton Street, Philadelphia PA 19130

Glass Repair

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glass repair, window repair, window glass repairRecently we at Atlas Glass Company in Philadelphia did a glass repair on a couple of older wooden double-hung windows on the second floor of a house in University City in West Philadelphia. The glass in this type of window can be glazed (installed) only from the outside. So, when they are on the second floor the sash typically has to be taken out of the frame. The bottom sash can be removed fairly easy, you simply take off the outer piece of wood trim, disconnect and firmly secure the counter weights (if that counter weight slips and disappears into the wall, well... you ain't never gonna see that again, that's for sure). Then you can just lift out the sash and, weather-permitting, you can set up a curbside work table and do the repair at the location (my person choice) or run it back to the shop and do the work there.

The top sash of a double hung set of windows is another story completely. To get the sash out of the frame literally takes hours to accomplish (the last time I actually did one was at the Barclay on Rittenhouse Square around fifteen years ago and it was one of nastiest, hardest, finder-tip crushing jobs I have done since I've owned a glass company in Philadelphia -never again, my friend). At our glass company we either do them "in-place" on a ladder utilizing a special ladder adapter and harness so the glazier can have both hands free to work, or my particular favorite - strapped in with a safety harness and hanging out the lower half of the window. As you can imagine, hanging out the window at a bad angle and chiseling away at rock-hard glazing putty is a little rough on the back, neck and shoulders. It's a tough job but at Atlas Glass Company in Philadelphia we can handle it. And by "we" I really "me" because I'm the one who does this type of repair ninety-nine percent of the time.

This type of wood double-hung window is known at glass companies in Philadelphia as a "hackout" - because you have to hackout the old glazing putty with a hammer and chisel. Doing this with the window sash laying flat on a work table is a fairly mundane and routine job. Doing it while standing (or hanging) at an awkward angle, or balancing on a ladder, can be quite an ordeal. 

It is a particularly labor-intense type of window repair. For this reason many glass companies in Philadelphia tend to run from this type of glass repair. A small one - say twenty-four by twenty-four inches - can easily take two to three hours.

As I mentioned earlier, these were second-floor upper-set window sashes done "in-place". One, however, overlooked the first floor porch and could be done standing on that. No such luck with the second one in the rear of the house, and it was too high for the ladder, so a safety harness and hanging out the window it had to be.

First I removed the broken glass (deglazed). Once that was done came the chiseling out of the old glazing putty. In older houses the glazing putty is as old as one-hundred years and has the consistency of concrete. Doing this "in-place" is truly grueling, messy, time-consuming work. All of the existing putty has to be removed, and I mean all of it, right down to the wood. Extra care has to be taken to scrape out any trace of glazing putty in the corners of the window sash where the glass is most vulnerable to pressure.

Once I had all the old glazing putty out I took my measurements for the new glass. Another tricky aspect of repairing these types of windows is that fact that the tolerances are so small. Generally you have about an eighth-of-an-inch of trim on each side to set the glass on. Which means on a thirty inch opening, you have to cut the glass at twenty-nine and fifteen-sixteenth inches. That is not a lot a leeway. Also consider that a hundred year-old wood window can easily be slightly out of square.

I cut the glass to size, test fit it once into the opening, then put it aside so I could lay a thin bead of glazing putty onto the sash where the new glass window rest against it. Now I was ready to install the glass into the opening. I snugged the glass into the sash, giving it a just a little "love" to get it in place. then installed a series of steel glazing points (tacks) into the sash to hold the glass in place until the putty dries. I was then ready to put on the final outside bead of glazing putty. I shot that on with caulk gun, smoothed it with a six-inch wide putty knife and that's all she wrote.

Piece of cake, eh?

Atlas Glass Repair Company
A Family-Owned & Family-Operated Philadelphia Glass Company

Good Food In Philadelphia Pa - Atlas Glass Company In Philadephia Pa

Posted on 15 April, 2014 at 16:49 Comments comments (169)
Atlas Glass Repair Co. - A Philadelphia Glass Company 2000 Hamilton Street, Philadelphia Pa 19130One of the benefits of working at Atlas Glass Company in Philadelphia Pa is traveling throughout the entire metropolitan area and getting to stop for lunch at different places every day (sometimes breakfast and dinner, too).
On Monday we may be working on 9th Street near the Italian Market in South Philly, Tuesday on Walnut Street near Rittenhouse Square in Center City Philadelphia, Wednesday at the University Of Pennsylvania Campus in West Philadelphia, Thursday in Fishtown at one of the new hipster spots that seem to be opening every other day, and Friday in Northeast Philadelphia at the Roosevelt Mall or in Far Northeast Philadelphia at Franklin Mills Mall. Saturdays and Sundays are usually so hectic that we end up doing jobs all over the city - from Chestnut Hill to Southwest Philadelphia to the Rhawnhurst Section in Northeast Philadelphia. It is on those days when it is not unusual to have to stop for lunch more than once.
After more than fifteen years of having a glass company in Philadelphia we have learned just about all the killer lunch spots in and around the city. Here are some of our favorites:
Whenever we're doing a glass repair in South Philadelphia and we're east of Broad Street, Tony Luke's on Oregon Avenue is the absolute, positive go-to spot. The roast pork (with sharp provolone, of course) is the best in the city. Most of the guy's go for the cheesesteaks, though. But I could never pass up on the juicy roast pork.
When we're doing a job on or near South Street, Lorenzo & Son's Pizza is a must-have. Like a lot of Philadelphian's, we at Atlas Glass Company in Philadelphia were heartbroken when the original burnt down a couple of years ago. I'm glad to see than the pizza is just as good as it used to be now that they rebuilt it. And it's still the finest thing you could possibly eat at 3:00 am in the morning. We know because a lot of times we're still working doing emergency board ups and glass repair jobs.
Let's skip across the city and head to the Far Northeast - When we're doing a glass repair anywhere north of Rhawn Street and West of Roosevelt Boulevard, Aldo's Pizzarama on Bustleton Avenue just past George Washington High School is the place we go. Most of our guys at Atlas Glass Company in Philadelphia went to George Washington High School so we practically grew up eating their pizza. I can remember many an afternoon after football practice (Go Eagles!) waiting for the 59B to take us to the 84 bus and subsisting entirely on their pizza. It still rocks after all these years.
I'll jump to one more section of the city - Downtown, Center City Philadelphia West - Marathon Grill at 16th & Sansom Street. The burgers at this place are other-worldly. Parking is always a drag, but we do a lot of glass repair in center city Philadelphia so we usually know all the good places to find a spot. Or we'll just walk over. There are a lot of killer burger joints in Philly nowadays but this place is an old-school classic. Always worth the trip and worth the lunchtime wait, if there is one.
When I get the chance I'll write about some of the many other places we visit for lunch as we make our rounds about Philadelphia doing our job.
Atlas Glass Repair Company
2000 Hamilton Street, Philadelphia, Pa 19130

Glass Company Philadelphia Pa

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Looking For Window Glass Repair In Philadelphia Pa?
Need a glass company in Philadelphia Pa for commercial or residential glass repair? Atlas Glass Repair Co. is a family-owned glass company in Philadelphia Pa. We offer the following services -*
Glass Company Philadelphia Pa 2000 Hamilton Street, Philadelphia Pa 19130* plate glass repair in Philadelphia                           
* glass door repair in Philadelphia
* window glass repair in Philadelphia
* commercial glass repair in Philadelphia
* residential window repair in Philadelphia
* fogged window repair in Philadelphia
* thermal window repair in Philadelphia
* 24 hour emergency board up service in Philadelphia
The following is a sampling of some of the glass repairs that Atlas Glass Company in Philadelphia has performed in just the past week:
Saturday - A commercial glass door repair on the 1300 block of Chestnut Street in Center City Philadelphia; an emergency board up for a commercial building on North Broad Street in center city Philadelphia
Sunday - a house window glass repair in northeast Philadelphia just off Roosevelt Boulevard.
Monday - A plate glass repair in Philadelphia on North Broad Street; a door glass repair in Center City Philadelphia on Walnut Street; a home window repair in Philadelphia in Rittenhouse Square; a commercial window repair in Old City Philadelphia on the 300 block of Market Street.
Tuesday - a door glass repair in Philadelphia Pa for a Philadelphia charter school on North 6th street; A residential door glass repair in West Philadelphia (this particular type of glass repair was a tricky one involving a door with an arched glass panel).
Wednesday - a large picture window glass repair known as a "hackout" in the Oxford circle section of Philadelphia. This type is window glass repair is very time consuming as the window is glazed in putty which has the consistency of concrete and must be "hacked out" (hence the name) in the same manner that glass repairs had to be performed a hundred years ago. Many glass companies in Philadelphia Pa refuse to do this type of repair, but at Atlas Glass Company Philadelphia it happens to be one of our specialties.; A late night emergency board up in the Fishtown section of Philadelphia Pa.
As you can see it was a fairly busy week but Atlas Glass Company in Philadelphia Pa can handle it! Call us any time - day or night!!!!
Atlas Glass Company In Philadelphia
2000 Hamilton Street, Philadelphia Pa 19130

Glass Company In Philadelphia Pa

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Atlas Glass Company In Philadelphia PaGlass Company In Philadelphia Pa
Looking for a glass company in Philadelphia, Pa? Atlas Glass Repair Company is a family-owned Philadelphia glass company that provides window glass repair in Philadelphia Pa. - 215-432-8487 - Open seven days a week for commercial glass repair and residential window repair in Philadelphia. 24 hour emergency board up services is always available.
Click on the following link to visit the home page of
The Asher family has been providing quality, reasonably-priced window glass repair in Philadelphia for more than fifteen years and has earned a reputation for prompt, efficient service. Our specialty is same-day emergency glass repair. We can handle any type of commercial glass service and repair any home window.
Services include: Window repair, glass repair, window glass repair, thermal window repair, plate glass repair, glass door repair, storefront glass repair, skylight glass repair, patio door glass repair, transom window repair (the window above a door), laminated safety glass for display cases and other applications, temporary storefront window removal (for equipment and machinery deliveries), new aluminum storefronts and glass doors for commercial entities and 24 hour emergency board up service, 
While there are many glass companies in Philadelphia, try getting one to actually come out on a Saturday afternoon to fix a broken window. You'll be surprised at how many answering machines or voice mails you get.
Our business address is 2000 Hamilton Street, Philadelphia, Pa 19130 and we provide complete mobile glass repair for the home and business customer. Call us twenty-hours a day, seven days a week, three-hundred and sixty-five days a year for service. And yes, we are available on holidays and during inclement weather. Most other glass companies in Philadelphia Pa are not, and that's a fact. 
Atlas Glass Company in Philadelphia is the premier glass company in Philadelphia Pa. Give us a call if you need us. We'll be waiting!

Glass Company In Philadelphia Pa

Posted on 26 March, 2014 at 17:11 Comments comments (0)
Glass company in Philadelphia paLooking for a glass company in Philadelphia, Pa? Call Atlas Glass Company Philadelphia Pa at 215-432-8487. Atlas Glass Company is Philadelphia' premier glass company serving the area for over fifteen years. We are open seven days a week for both commercial glass repair and home window repair. No auto glass repair, please.
Click On The Link Below To Visit Our Full Website
The following pictures are from a job we did in center city Philadelphia during the winter. This customer had a large plate glass window broken during a heavy snow storm. After finding Atlas Glass Company Philadelphia on the internet, he called us at 4:30 am during the height of the storm. Within a half-hour we had someone at the site, assessing the situation, and securing the building with a board-up. Despite the snow storm, the brutal, cold temperatures and the continuing bad weather,  Atlas Glass Company Philadelphia had the window glass repaired within twenty-four hours..
Many glass companies in Philadelphia, Pa and the surrounding area advertise 24 our emergency glass service. As the saying goes, though, the proof in the pudding is in the eating: Try calling one of these Philadelphia glass companies at 3am on a weekend. Nine times out of ten you will get a voicemail or an answering service. If you're lucky you'll get a call back sometime Monday. Not so with Atlas Glass Company. We are Philadelphia's premier glass company, be it 4am on a Saturday morning or 5pm on a Tuesday afternoon. Our experienced glazers can get your commercial or residential property secured properly and repaired in a timely manner. Check out our commercial customers page to see some of our satisfied customers.
If you are in need of a glass company in Philadelphia, you need to Atlas Glass Repair Company at 215-432-8487.Whether you need 24 hour emergency service, a plate glass repair, a door glass repair, or any type of home window repair, call Atlas Glass Company Philadelphia Pa for fast, efficient service.
Philadelphia Glass CompanyGlass company in philadelphia paGlass Company Philadelphiaglass companies in philadelphia pa
Atlas Glass Repair Philadelphia - A Philadelphia Glass Company
2000 Hamilton Street, Philadelphia Pa 19130