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Window Repair - Atlas Glass Repair Co. - 215-432-8487

Posted on 25 January, 2013 at 6:52 Comments comments (0)
Call Atlas Glass Repair Co. at 215-432-8487 for same day glass & window repair. Commercial glass repair & home window repair.or any kind. Our experienced glaziers can handle any home or business window repair. 24 hour emergency service is available. Call any time for service. We are the Philadelphia metro area's premier glass & window repair company. Serving all of Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery and Delaware County Pa. 


Window Repair - Atlas Glass Co.

Posted on 8 October, 2012 at 9:50 Comments comments (0)
At Atlas Glass Repair in Philadelphia, quite a large portion of our business is home window repair. We get a lot of calls from homeowners who have a problem with the upper sash of a double-hung window staying in its upright position. This is typically due to the failure of the window track mechanism. This type of repair can be tricky due to the huge variety of window manufacturers and the many different models of windows that have been produced throughout the years. Time and time again we have recommended this very simple, semi-permanent repair that any home owner can easily complete themselves.
It can be done by one person but is even easier when done by two people. Simply push the top sash up to its highest point (making sure, of course, that it is truly all the way up). Then, as one person holds the sash in place, the second person uses a screw gun to insert a drywall screw into the groove just beneath the bottom of the sash. The screw itself should be around two inches long and should be driven in leaving roughly one inch of it exposed. The actual insertion point of the screw should ideally be right up against the bottom of the sash in order to keep it from slipping down even the slightest amount. Typically, doing only one side is sufficient. 
If done correctly the locking mechanism for the windows should now align properly and the window should be easy to lock. If it doesn't, check to make sure that the upper sash is all the way up, and there is nothing blocking the lower sash from extending all the way down. If is still doesn't lock, add a second screw on the opposite side just below the upper sash.
Atlas Glass Repair Company is a proud Philadelphia Glass Company serving the entire Delaware Valley
Atlas Glass Repair Company does commercial & residential window repair, storefront glass repair, home window glass repair, thermal window repair, fogged window repair and door glass repair.  We offer glass repair in Bucks,  Montgomery and Delaware county too!
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